Aging is a terrifying prospect for many people. For most of us, we imagine that the best days of our lives will be behind us as we get older. Thankfully, that stigma is simply not true – you don’t have to lose everything you love about life simply because you’re aging.

Join New Health Kansas as we debunk common aging myths to set your mind at ease and get you excited for the golden days ahead!

1. Old Age Means Constantly Being Sick

Of course, as we age, our body changes and our physiology doesn’t stay the same. However, it’s easy to keep your immune system running smoothly if you just make a few adjustments to your health habits. Smoking and poor diets are the most common factors behind feeling sick and tired in old age.

Kick the cigarettes to the curb and practice stress management coupled with moderate exercise with a healthy diet to maintain vitality. It’s never too late to start healthy eating habits, such as the HCG diet or appetite suppressants. It also helps to have a nutritional counselor on your side to help you make the right choices.

2. You Don’t Need to Change Your Eating Habits

You may remember the days when you could exist on nothing more than hamburgers and chocolate shakes, but you have to understand that your body needs different things as you age. Consuming more raw vegetation is helpful in getting you the vitamins your body needs to keep aging gracefully. Your metabolism might also slow down, resulting in some weight gain as you age. Men and women have had positive results with the HCG diet as a way to reduce their caloric intake so that they can use stored fat as energy. This helps your body stay healthy and keeps you from getting sick, as we mentioned above.

3. It’s Too Late to Change

Everyone has had an elderly relative too stuck in their ways to change with the times. Many people think that this is because you cannot change your habits or your mindset as you age. We disagree! Even if you weren’t practicing healthy habits in your twenties and thirties, it’s never too late to learn. Making changes in your personal health, such as your diet and exercise habits, are essential to graceful aging.

“What if I’ve never been able to shed the weight?” you may argue. We have a solution for that! CoolSculpting® is the only FDA-approved procedure that uses controlled cooling to help you get rid of that stubborn fat you’ve never quite been able to get rid of with exercise. It’s never too late to take advantage of all life has to offer, and anyone who says otherwise is just perpetuating these myths.

4. Physical and Mental Decline is Inevitable

You don’t have to dread physical and mental decline if you’re keeping your mind and body sharp. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are two of the best ways to keep your body in top shape. It’s just as we said before – you might have to make some adjustments to your diet, but it will be worth it to retain your mobility and flexibility as you get older.

Mentally, a healthy diet and keeping busy can also work wonders against a failing mind. Studies have found that some of the same factors that lead to heart disease, such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, are linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. The more you continue to open yourself up to new experiences and challenge yourself as you age, the less likely you are to lose your mental faculties.

5. Old Age Means Looking Old
Who says you have to look your age? Many women – and men – are worried about aging because they’re worried about how they’ll look as they age. Minimizing stress and kicking bad habits will certainly help you delay the outward appearance of aging. However, there’s no shame in med-spa treatments that can help you feel like your younger self, no matter how old you are. Whether you’re just wanting to hide your crow's feet or you aren’t ready to start losing your hair, there are solutions that counteract the stigma that you have to look your age.

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