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It’s okay to want to look better. But many people sacrifice their happiness and comfortability just to change their looks. It doesn’t have to be that way. New Health Kansas Med Spa offers aesthetic solutions that will leave you feeling refreshed and confident. We’ll make your dream look come true while improving your well-being at the same time. You’ll love the way you look and feel after a visiting our Med Spa. Come in today to see what New Health Kansas can do for you!

Procedures that Work

With expert staff that are medically trained, you can trust us to provide the highest quality of aesthetic medical treatment. We use advanced technology and state-of-the-art procedures to provide a full spectrum of anti-aging solutions that are proven to enhance your beauty and your confidence. We treat our patients with respect and guarantee the best care in your area.

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MedSpa Treatments

New Health Kansas Med Spa offers a wide menu of aesthetic treatments and procedures that will give you the results your looking for:

Botox Injections
Botox Injections
Fat Dissolving Injections
Fat Dissolving Injections
Facial Filler Inejctions
Facial Fillers
Hyperhidrosis injections in armpit
Coolsculpting thighs
Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration
Vampire Facial & Facelift
Vampire Facial & Facelift
Juliet Laser
Juliet Laser

Your First Visit: The Steps

Consultation: First, you will meet with New Health Kansas medical professional for a health assessment and early testing.

Appointment: If no further testing is needed, you will come in for the procedure or treatment recommended by your doctor or nurse and chosen by you.

Follow-Up: In some cases, multiple treatments will be given through follow-up appointments. Once treatment is finished, you may come in for a final appointment to check on the results.

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