Men’s Hormone Replacement Therapy

Increase Testosterone with Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

It’s a common misconception that women are the only ones who carry the burden of changing hormone levels. However, men can also struggle with the symptoms of lowered testosterone levels. New Health Kansas understands that testosterone is central to a man’s well-being; it’s what gives him his confidence and sense of manhood. Without it, symptoms of depression, fatigue, anxiety, lack of motivation and concentration can creep in. It even affects personal identity and sexual drive.

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The Science of Male Hormonal Changes

Testosterone is the main hormone in effect throughout a man’s life. Decreased testosterone levels have been shown to appear in men by the young age of 30. Once it begins, an extra 1-2 percent is lost each year until the ages of 40 to 55. At this point, andropause, the male equivalent of menopause, kicks in and a dramatic drop in testosterone is experienced. A variety of symptoms and health issues are associated with this significant drop in testosterone: prostate problems, poor sexual performance, loss of muscle tone and mass, and potential development of osteoporosis.

New Health Solutions to Regaining Manhood

Don’t give up - it’s not too late to restore the testosterone in your body and turn things around! New Health Kansas will meet with you and specifically discuss any symptoms, results and next steps. Once an accurate assessment is made by our professionally licensed staff, we’ll recommend the options that best fit you and your lifestyle. This includes the best way to deliver any hormones we prescribe.

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Don't Struggle with Low T Symptoms anymore!

Put the excitement back into life.


Feel Youthful Again

No matter what age, our hormone solutions will make you feel younger, more vibrant and energetic. It’s never too late to enjoy the benefits of hormone therapy:

● Increased sexual drive
● Decrease in body fat/increase in lean body mass
● Increase muscle size and strength
● Increased energy levels
● Mood consistency/reduction in anger, irritability
● Increased mental focus and concentration
● Improved memory
● Increased sense of overall well-being

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Biologically Identical

New Health Kansas performs a thorough analysis for every patient that enrolls into hormone replacement therapy. We don’t just give you the quick fix solution. Based on test results, we administer the optimal amount of the right hormone your body’s needs. Unlike regular hormone replacement, we use biologically identical hormones that match your body’s natural hormone composition. This is the natural and safe way to replace hormones in your body.

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