The Orgasm Shot (O-Shot®)

Make sex fun again - Oh, Oh, Oh- it’s like magic! Did you know over 40% of women suffer with female sexual dysfunction, which can cause lack of sexual desire?

If decreased sex drive is putting a strain on your relationship, contact our offices in Lenexa, Manhattan, and Topeka. O-Shot® will get you in the mood.

The O-Shot is a nonsurgical treatment that involves a woman's own blood – or "platelet-rich plasma" – being taken from her arm and injected into the clitoris and vagina, creating a blood clot which can enhance sensitivity and subsequently orgasm.

What can the O-Shot® Help with?

Available now at our offices in Lenexa, Manhattan, and Topeka! O-Shot is a female sexual dysfunction treatment that can increase arousal and your ability to orgasm, and can help with incontinence. The female genital injection is done safely and with no side effects. Areas are numbed with topical cream and while there can be swelling for a day or so, the impacts will be seen within days or less than a few weeks. The O-Shot assists with improving all of the following:

  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Low levels of sexual arousal
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm
  • Dryness
  • Pain during sex
  • Looseness
  • Decreased sensation
  • Urinary incontinence
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A quick procedure today means having fun tonight.

Sex can be great again.

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What is the O-Shot®?

The O-Shot® is a non-surgical, drug free procedure where your own plasma rich platelets (PRP) are added directly around the clitoris and into the vagina. This stimulates cell growth and repair and rejuvenates the vagina.

The O-Shot was designed for women who experience any of the many side effects that come with and Female Sexual Dysfunction. The O-Shot is designed to increase sexual pleasure that may come from lack of desire, difficulty in reaching orgasm or painful intercourse.

New Health Kansas is the perfect place to start your better sex journey. For more information on this and other procedures that we offer, contact the trained and licensed medical professionals at our offices in Manhattan, Lenexa, or Topeka. O-Shot female sexual dysfunction treatments can help you discover the better you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What should I expect during the shot?

It’s a quick procedure and is virtually painless. To start, we’ll draw a small amount of blood in order to create the PRP. You’ll receive a strong numbing ointment on the vaginal opening, the anterior wall, and the clitoris. These areas will gently be dosed with the PRP.

Q:How is PRP created?

The blood we draw in the beginning of the appointment will be spun in a centrifuge with will separate your platelets and plasma from the rest of the blood. Those platelets are isolated and that is what gets added back into the body.

Q:How long does the procedure take to perform?

From start to finish the procedure typically takes about an hour.

Q:What should I expect after the shot?

Most patients can go back to their normal activities immediately – you can even drive yourself home.

Q:When can I resume sexual activity?

You can hit the sheets within 4 hours of the procedure. However, it may take a few days for the shot to take full effect.

Q:What are the potential side effects?

It is possible to experience some pain, bruising, bleeding, swelling, redness, or in rare cases, infection after the procedure, but they should be mild and won’t last long.

Q:Is there something similar for my lover?

Yes! If your man suffers from erectile dysfunction, the P-Shot (Priapus Shot) may help.

A quick procedure today means having fun tonight.

Sex can be great again.

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