Activate Your Body’s Superpowers with New Health Kansas’ Glo2Facial

Experience New Health Kansas’ breakthrough skin treatment, Glo2Facial. This cutting-edge lymphatic facial treatment utilizes Oxfoliate™ with O2 bubbles to unlock your body's natural superpowers. In addition, there is an amplification of the skin health using a lite ultrasound experience, followed by a skin detox using a therapeutic lymphatic massage. This lymphatic facial treatment can lead to exceptional outcomes for both your skin and overall well-being. By using the patented Oxygenation™ technology to enhance the body's oxygen levels in a natural way, this skin oxygenation process results in superior absorption of active ingredients during the skin exfoliation.

Glo2Facial - A Facial for Every Age, Skin Type, and Season

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Treatment Customizations

New Health Kansas’ skincare treatments include six customizations that are specifically formulated to target various skin challenges. All of our skin treatments use Glo2Facial’s natural and highly effective ingredients that are tailored to your needs. During the Glo2Facial skin treatment, these ingredients are infused into the skin for maximum benefits.

Mature Skin

New Health Kansas’ Glo2Facial technology and application process is designed to be gentle on mature skin, as it aids in enhancing the skin's flexibility, minimizing fine lines, and reducing signs of aging.


New Health Kansas’ Glo2Facial offers a range of skin treatments that contain specific ingredients to target various skin issues such as acne, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, and others.

Sensitive Skin

The Glo2Facial treatment is gentle enough for any skin type because it does not involve suctioning or pulling the skin, causing it to be a non-invasive option.

Dry Skin

The Glo2Facial helps to improve the moisture retention of dry skin by strengthening the skin barrier, which leads to rehydration of the skin.

Oily Skin

Glo2Facial is a great choice for people with oily skin because it contains antibacterial ingredients that help remove impurities, fight acne, and reduce oil production.

Combination Skin

New Health Kansas’ offers the opportunity for clients to choose from six different Glo2Facial customization options. Every choice contains ingredients specifically designed to treat combination and balanced skin types - so at New Health Kansas - your treatment is tailored just to you!

The Process of Rebalancing Your Beauty with Glo2Facial


The Glo2Facial OxyPods and Primer Gel work together to exfoliate the skin gently. They create a CO2-rich environment, which triggers the body to send oxygen to the skin, creating perfect conditions to nourish and transform the skin internally.


The Lite Ultrasound experience generates micro vibrations that quickly make the skin smooth and enhance the permeability of the skin's protective layer, which allows for better absorption of nutrients.


This soothing lymphatic facial treatment helps sculpt the face, resulting in an instantaneous reduction of redness and puffiness all while active ingredients are being infused into the skin.

Why Glo2Facial at New Health Kansas is for YOU!

The Geneo Glo2Facial OxyPods work with Primer Gel to exfoliate skin gently and promote oxygenation, doing so free from preservatives, dye, fragrance, paraben, gluten, as well as being vegan and not tested on animals. Glo2Facial’s unique and natural process also allows for a quick turnaround from the skin detox, with the resultings being seen immediately. The customization options makes it easy for you to choose a treatment with the solution to any skin problems you may have. There are options available for your whole body as well, from your neck to your legs. These can be targeted to treat body acne, soothe keratosis pilaris, regulate oil production, soften fine lines, prep for spray tans and more.


How does Glo2Facial work?

Glo2Facial uses the three step process of Oxfoliation, LUX, and Detox. The Oxfoliation gently exfoliates the skin with oxygen, LUX uses micro vibrations to smoothen the skin, and Detox results in lessening the redness and puffiness of the skin as active ingredients are being infused. Overall, this treatment results in nourished and glowing skin.

How quickly will I see results?

Results can be seen immediately because of the natural infusion process. You will be able to tell the difference in your exfoliated skin right after the treatment.

Is Glo2Facial safe?

Glo2Facial’s is free from preservatives, dye, fragrance, paraben, gluten, and is also vegan and not tested on animals. Its natural ingredients make it to be a safe way to exfoliate your skin today.

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