5 Phase System

Optimize Your Health: Our 5-Phase System

Our Mission at New Health Kansas is to strive to optimize you and your health. We accomplish optimization through a series of regiments, and there are different phases established to achieve your goals toward health and wellness. These phases frequently overlap and are interrelated.

Male hair restoration

Phase 1:  Be Better

Phase 1 typically includes any weight loss and general baseline testing.
•  New Health Jumpstart (HCG Diet)
•  Testing – Laboratory Testing & Evaluation
•  X-Ray

Your Health and Wellness

Phase 2:  Feel Better

Phase 2 involves weight management and stabilizing hormone levels. 
•  Monthly Weight Loss
•  Intensive Program
•  Hormone Replacement Therapy

Healthy Weight

Phase 3:  Work Better

The body is feeling better and now we provide the supportive procedures to help your body function better - more efficiently and effectively. 
•  Wellness Protocols
•  Male Sexual Health (P-Shot)
•  Male Alopecial/Hair Loss
•  Interstitial Cystitis
•  Dyspareunia/Painful Sex/Urinary Incontinence
•  PRP (Platetlet-Rich Plasma) Procedures
•  Hair Restoration
•  Female Sexual Health (O-Shot)

Optimize Your Health

Phase 4:  Look Better

Phase 4 is complete with aesthetics to emphasize the external - so we look as good as we now feel!
•  CoolSculpting®
•  Cosmetic/Aesthetics
•  Botox
•  Facial & Facelift

Trigger Point Injections

Phase 5:  Move Better

In Phase 5 you are feeling younger and more alive, this energy and renewed vitality is supported with supplements for continued ease in movement.
•  Trigger Point (Musculoskeletal Pain)
•  Botox (Migraine Headaches)

Get Healthy

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