We love hearing stories from our customers, especially when they find success! Berniece has lost 33 POUNDS with our HCG diet program. Here is what she had to say about her experience, in her own words:

I have struggled with weight issues my entire life. As I child I learned that you couldn’t count on people for support and thus at an early age food became my comforter, my friend, and what brought me joy. Later in life I realized the dysfunctional relationship I was in with food. I have, however, continued this dysfunctional dance and love hate relationship with it for far too long. Over the last four years I began to see more of my self-worth and determined to treat myself better, which meant gaining control over my weight. I tried several different weight loss programs and lost 100 pounds, however, I found myself back in the same old dance and the weight began to creep back on. I had gained 30 pounds and was struggling to get back on track. I was angry and disappointed with myself because of my eating and yet food once again became my comfort.

When I heard about the HCG diet I was excited to give it a try truly anticipating that it would be a diet to get the weight off and then I would return to the struggle of continuing to work toward my goal weight and the seemingly impossible fight of keeping it off. I was focused only on the immediate results I believed the diet would provide me; however, what I have found with New Health has been completely unexpected and a tremendous blessing.

I am receiving from them things I have never received before with any other weight loss program. The daily check in has given me accountability. I know that I have to stay diligent in my eating because I have to give an account of it to my support team. The check-ins have also given me my own cheer-leading squad! When I feel discouraged or am struggling with learning this new eating plan, they are there to offer me support and encouragement. It is such a blessing to start my day with hearing how great I am and what a wonderful job I am doing! They cheer me on and give me the confidence and strength to keep going. They have taught me new ways of doing things when the scale says something I don’t think it should and have helped me to understand my own body and how it works and what it needs. I honestly believe that New Health has provided me with the best medical care that I have received in years. They were diligent in my lab work and were able to identify areas that are affecting my metabolism and have helped to address them so that my weight loss is faster and more effective and helped to make me healthier overall.

I have also gained almost instant help when a problem or question arises. I have the advantage of professionals who know far more than I do and thus I can reach out for direction. For the first time on any diet program or medical treatment, I don’t feel alone in the journey. I am grateful for the New Health staff. It is an amazing program and while I have lost 33 pounds what I have gained has been far more beneficial. I am confident that I am finally being taught the skills to continue to make healthy life choices long-term that will continue to lead me toward my weight loss goal and good health.

Congratulations to Berniece! Many of us can relate to Berniece's story and without the support of a team of professionals with measured results and ongoing checkpoints, you are struggling to meet your health and wellness goals.  At New Health Kansas we are here to help make your journey to health and weight loss a success. Check out our specials and contact us today to schedule a consultation!