It's Back to School time, and you know what that means - saying goodbye to those long summer days and family vacations and saying hello to homework, practice, and everything else the school year has to offer. While you may be excited for your kiddos to go back to school, this can be a stressful time of the year for parents.

You may be focused on getting your students back into a routine, but what about your health? If you're trying to lose weight, stress can be your number one enemy. Let New Health Kansas help you navigate through this stressful time and get back on track with your health.

Stress: The Enemy of Your Weight Loss Journey

There is no one perfect way for each person to lose weight - it is a unique journey for everyone. There is one truth that is universally recognized, which is that stress can have a serious effect on your weight. Some people lose an unhealthy amount of weight when they're stressed but many people gain weight because stress leads to unhealthy habits like overeating, consuming foods that aren't good for you, and not drinking enough water.

Stress can also send your hormones into overdrive, particularly cortisol. This hormone was great at keeping our ancestors alive after they had to run away from predators or fight for their lives. Today, however, our stressors are much more sedentary and cortisol does us a disservice by telling us to eat when we don't necessarily need the extra calories.

Fighting Back Against Stress

We all get stressed. There's no perfect, right way to fight back against stress because everyone has their own technique. However, you'll do yourself a favor if you chip away at your stress and make room for calming, healthy habits. Making time for relaxation and de-stressing during your hectic day, is extremely important. Maintaining a good workout schedule and getting enough sleep are also important as they help your body reset and prepare for the next big thing.

One major way you can cope with stress is by watching what you eat and maintaining healthy, sustainable habits. That's where New Health Kansas comes in - we're experts in helping our clients achieve short term goals and make plans for long term success. We don't just help you lose weight - we help you manage your weight for a longer, happier, healthier life.

Tools for Weight Loss 

New Health Kansas tailors each client's weight loss journey to fit the needs of the individual. That's why we offer three different solutions for weight management. The HCG diet works for clients who are looking to lose weight over a period of 23, 33, or 43 days. Using a combination of a low calorie diet and a medical supplement, the HCG diet can help men and women curb their hunger and learn healthy habits that they can use to maintain their weight loss after the diet is complete. Our variety of appetite suppressants can also help you reduce your caloric intake so that you aren't overeating when your cortisol kicks into overdrive.

Your Partner in Weight Loss

New Health Kansas offers a variety of weight loss solutions to help our clients achieve their goals and plan for success. We help our patients manage their weight through healthy and safe avenues.

Shed extra weight and keep your long term goals with New Health Kansas. Schedule a consultation with our team today!