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You only get one life to live, and you want to live it to the fullest. You want to look and feel your best, and our medical spa in Johnson County can help. We offer a number of services intended to help you enjoy your life, look amazing, and feel great.

Healthy living is something that is a lot easier with a community of supporters to back you up. Medical weight loss can get you the results you need to be healthy, and our weight loss experts can help you keep the weight off and maintain a healthier eating regimen. Contrary to how it might sound, medical weight loss does not involve surgery but rather, a specially designed diet plan accompanied by HCG injections, a hormone typically produced during pregnancy but also associated with weight loss.

We also offer other spa services, such as shockwave therapy, natural filler facials, facelifts, erectile dysfunction treatment, skin care treatments, Juliet laser treatment, CoolSculpting®, and more. Call or visit our office so we can come up with a treatment plan to move you toward the healthy living goal you are striving for. Learn more about how New Health Kansas in Lenexa can help you live your best life.

About New Health Kansas' Medical Spa Lenexa

With over 15 years of experience, New Health Kansas in Lenexa, Kansas provides a variety of services, for men and women, that will enhance and improve the mind and body. We are trained and certified health professionals dedicated to helping our clients live a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. We do this through weight loss programs and diet plans, as well as a 5 phase approach to lifestyle transformations, that are individually monitored by physician, Dr. Ekwensi A. Griffith D.O.

This approach, aptly named, has five phases: Be Better; Feel Better; Work Better; Look Better; and Move Better. The program includes hormone replacement therapy, testing, evaluation, and weight management, among other personalized and medical spa-based treatments like CoolSculpting®, designed to work with you as an individual to help you feel and look your best. These kinds of specialty treatments are unique to medical spas, making a facility like New Health Kansas valuable to the area.

Some of our other services include weight management, addiction/pain management and hormone optimization therapy. We also offer treatments through our medispa that include microneedling, BOTOX®, CoolSculpting®, hair restoration, facial treatments, and more.

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Why Choose Medical Spa Treatments?

No one is perfect, and you should not strive to be perfect, but medical spas can help you live your best life, not someone else’s. If surgical options aren’t for you, a medical spa could provide the medical treatments you need to live a healthier lifestyle and feel great about yourself.

Because there are many medical spa treatments to choose from, you can get the results you are looking for without participating in a treatment you aren’t comfortable with.

For instance, skin care treatments come in many forms, such as microdermabrasion, acne treatments, injectables/dermal fillers, chemical peels, facial massage, laser hair removal, complexion care, and more. You choose the option that feels comfortable for you.

Not all cosmetic procedures are only cosmetic—they benefit your mental health and overall wellness. The medical professionals at our office are happy to tell you more about the benefits of medical spa treatments when you contact our office.

Connect With Our Medical Clinic in Lenexa, Kansas

Medical spa treatments are not meant to create a whole new you; they are meant to highlight the you who has always been there. As we age, we develop health or aesthetic issues that cover up our natural beauty. We can bring that beauty back out from under wrinkles, extra weight, age spots, dry skin, acne, and other ailments.

Med spas are there to help you feel confident about your body, your skin, and your overall health and well-being. Visit our Lenexa office today for a free consultation or call us at 913-320-4178.