Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Diet (HCG)

What is the Human Chorionic Gondadotropin (HCG) Diet?

Our HCG diet is a jump start weight management program. The diet lasts for either 23, 33, or 43 days depending on amount of weight desired to lose and physician recommendations. It is a physician supervised diet with nutritional counseling included. This diet uses a very low calorie diet along with daily injections or pill; this allows your body to use the stored fat as energy. The HCG diet teaches you how to weigh your food and use appropriate portions to continue onto the maintenance phase.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


How much weight will I lose?

Men on average lose around one pound per day. Women a bit less, around 1/2 pound per day.


Is it just for women?

Absolutely not. The HCG diet is for both men and women.


How many calories will I be limited to per day?

To ensure success, you will reduce your caloric intake per day. The amount varies with each patient. But the great thing about the HCG injections is that they curb that typical hunger feeling. You may experience some hunger, but it usually goes away within the first few days.


Are there side effects?

Every diet comes with a risk of some side effects. But with anything else, you have to weigh the pros and cons. Constipation, hair loss (similar to amounts lost when pregnant), and mild headaches are all known, but rare. The main side effect you should look for: weight loss! The risk of remaining overweight far outweighs any risks associated with this diet.


How do I get started?

Call one of our conveniently located offices and we’ll ask you a few questions over the phone. If the HCG diet is a good fit for you, we’ll have you come in for your initial visit and set you up for your future appointments!