Quick, Reliable Healthcare for Those on the Go

New Health Kansas is proud to offer a concierge program to help provide general fast, reliable, healthcare for patients who live non-stop lives - whether locally and/or internationally. We also offer healthcare to those without health insurance or health insurance with very high deductibles.

Our plan includes communication via text, phone or email during and after traditional hours of business.

Based on the level of service desired, the amount paid is determined. The more comprehensive your level of service is with New Health Kansas the more we will cover. We are offering three tiers of coverage:

  • Basic
  • Basic Plus
  • Executive

Everyone pays $250 Initiation Fee or has to off spend the equivalence of that or more on another service in one of our 3 clinics in the last 3 months to obtain the membership.

Please note: All monthly services must be prepaid 2 months ahead.

If you have an advanced or complicated medical history or have active terminal disease for example CANCER, CHf, Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetic on Multiple Medications, Advanced Inflammatory bowel Disease we strongly recommend your care be provided by an Internist not us. If patient is a diabetic, we will add $50 per month to the below.

Basic = $100/month

Discount on New Health Services of 10-25% off weight loss, cool sculpting, stem cells, pain management shots, sexual health treatment, enhancement/optimization, botox, fillers, O shot, P shot

Basic Plus